Wednesday, June 25, 2008


So I realized I am worrying for nothing!

My situation will work itself out and plus I have the upper hand.

Weighed in yesterday..Up 1.6...No more hooters for me

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


SO today was just a challenging day!!!

I'm dealing with a situation at school that I though was resolved, but it's come back.
Its got me a little stressed out and now I just need to chill out.
It's hard though, I am a very obsessive person! So when my mind is on one stays.
All I can do now is just pray for the best and figure out if I need to do a plan B.

I weigh in at WW today...pray for the 5 pound milestone!!

Classes are over on Thursday!!!! until the 8th!

I am so looking forward to the sleep...

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


So I weighed in yesterday...and I lost 1.4 pounds! Its a start I guess. Moving towards my goal and lifestyle I want gives me power. I was waiting at the bus station yesterday when I started to write this...On my way to the dentist. Deep Cleaning was barable..

Sitting in class talking about diversity..Man are some people still so closed minded.

Fast forward to 6.22.08

I am home. COOKING! I need to keep up witht he cooking if i want to lose weight...I also wanted to finish this one following..

Saturday, June 07, 2008


I have so much to say..but I don't want to overwhelm myself

Breaking it down into topics:

* National Conference for College Women Student Leaders

So I attended this conference where I was able to learn my potential as a leader.
I realized that I was burning myself out by having two jobs and not really getting the leadership experience that i wanted on campus. So I made an action plan to make sure that I followed up on the promises I made to myself as far as what I wanted to do after I graduated. While I still debate on Grad or Law school, I do know that I WILL be my own boss by the age of 30.

* Bookstore
I have thrown around this idea of having my own bookstore, and I finally got the realization to follow my dreams.

Many ideas for what I want to accomplish and names for this store have mulled over in my mind.
So far:
Seeking Ma'at
Claiming Our Culture

I will probably be creating my own blog/website for the bookstore.
Stay Tuned!

* Life Plans
Besides the revelations made over this past weekend, I have nothing new.

* Weight Loss Plans(WW)
Currently doing Weight Watchers....Let you know the updates next week.

* School
On Track to Graduate May 2009

Tuesday, June 03, 2008